This mala necklace is made with 6 mm Indian Agate beads.
Beautiful, elegant and with a perfect length, for a perfect everyday life. 💚
Indian Agate is a great aid for meditation and is a powerful healing stone. Indian agate gives confidence, physical strength & emotional security. It is also known as a good protection and "anti-stress" stone.
Ancient lore has it that, in particular, Indian Agate gemstone has a mysterious influence on a particular wearer. It is learnt from Upanishads and Puranas (Ancient Hindu Scriptures) that beggars turned kings after using the particular and correct Indian Agate gemstone advised by the Sadhus (sages) of the time.
Beads: Indian Agate 
Size: 6 mm with 
Guru bead: 10mm Indian Agate 
Length: 50cm incl. Tassel

Simplicity ~ Matte Indian Agate

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