Cloudy Quartz have combined properties for both rock crystal and black tourmaline. The combination of the two makes the crystal a powerful tool for removing old energies. It represents strength and stability, and it supports clarity in thought and contemplation. It helps you let go of what no longer earns you. Cloudy quartz brings forth a peaceful and calm energy into our consciousness. It is a fantastic stone to balance our energy bodies.


Lava stone has a very positive and warm energy. It strengthens our connection with the earth and has fire as an element. It's a soothing stone, but with an intense energy. The lava stone is characteristic of giving us the inner fire and the power back. It strengthens you who go through change and need to let go of the old and receive the new one with an open mind. Pour a few drops of your favourite essential oil on your Lava stones to reap the benefits of its healing powers.

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Beads: Cloudy quartz & Lava

Size: 6 mm 

Guru Bead: 10 mm Lava

Inner Peace

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